Plant Health Care

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TerraGreen maintains 2 NAA Certified Arborists on staff, with over 10 years of experience in arboriculture and plant health care. Our arborists take great pride in planting, pruning, and caring for your trees throughout their lifespan. One of our Certified Arborists is ALWAYS on site during tree pruning and removal operations, to ensure that every tree receives the best care!


Annual Plant Health

Our Annual Plant Health Care Membership is a premium service that provides our clients the opportunity to proactively care for the plants and trees within their greenspaces. Our approach allows for prevention of diseases and pests, reduction of plant health care cost, and thriving plants throughout the seasons. Clients will be provided with a written site assessment each year, with a plan for care moving forward.

• Comprehensive Site Assessment

    • Initial Soil Testing
    • Health Inventory on Key Trees and Shrubs 
    • Track annual growth and condition
    • Identify active pests and treatment recommendations
    • Identify Opportunities for Proactive Plant Care

• Spring Tree & Shrub Fertilization

• FREE Summer Health Check-Up

• Fall Pruning – Ornamentals and Shrubs


TerraGreen Turf Wellness Program


The TerraGreen Turf Wellness program is focused on maintaining consistent color, growth, and moisture throughout the year. Along with the application of premium fertilizer products, we utilize supplemental products to stimulate root growth, maintain soil moisture, and improve soil conditions.


  • Looking for more? We also offer: 
    • Spring and Fall Aeration
    • Over-Seed and Sod Installation
    • Additional Broadleaf Weed Treatments
    • Soil Amendments