Caring For Your Trees

TerraGreen maintains 2 NAA Certified Arborists on staff, with over 10 years of experience in arboriculture and plant health care. Our arborists take great pride in planting, pruning, and caring for your trees throughout their lifespan. One of our Certified Arborists is ALWAYS on site during tree pruning and removal operations, to ensure that every tree receives the best care!

Planting & Establishment – Trees for the future

The Arborists at TerraGreen are specialists in planting and establishing new trees into the landscape. The most important time in the life of a new tree is when it’s planted into its permanent home. Using appropriate planting and pruning techniques, and protection from the surrounding environment, juvenile trees will establish faster, and grow more successfully long term.

    • Site Selection and Soil Testing
    • Tree Selection and Planting
    • Establishment Pruning at the time of planting
    • Staking, Guying, and Trunk Protection
    • Mass planting and Wind Breaks
    • Free 1-year Tree Health Check-up


    • Pruning and Removal
      • Trees of all species and size require pruning by a certified arborist to maintain optimal health and structure. Routine pruning, every 2-3 years for most trees, helps maintain tree health, fight off pests and disease, and reduce the need for expensive, major pruning work later or premature removal of a tree.
      • Unfortunately, all trees will eventually reach the end of their lifespan, and need to come down. When tree removal is necessary, we have the experience and equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently.
    • Tree Pest Management
      • A variety of pests affect the trees and woody plants in our region, including insects, bacteria, viruses and more. Many of them can be managed or eliminated through an Integrated Pest Management plan. More details can be found here

    • Stump Grinding
      • Premium 
        • Removal of stump
        • Ground leveled and excess debris removed
      • Express
        • Stump Removal only
        • Debris left on site

    *For the safety of our clients and crew, we always have utilities
    marked prior to beginning work.
    *Seed & Sod installation available upon request